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How to Use

Directions for Use

Check that the Level-limiting tube is in place. If it has been taken out make sure it is replaced firmly. See Picture 1. Fill the bottle up with cold water. Insert the syphon-pipe (long tube). See Picture 2.

Next: Screw the head tightly onto the bottle. Unscrew the cap to reveal the piercing pin. Insert one CO2  bulb into the bulb holder. Tightly screw the bulb-holder onto the Syphon Head. See Picture 3. The Piercing pin will liberate the gas with a distinctive noise.

Next: Shake the bottle well during the flow of the gas. Leave the bottle to rest for about an hour or two leaving the bulb-holder on. The will allow the gas to settle. You may wish to put the Syphon in the refrigerator. The Soda Water will come out very forcefully if you press on the lever at this stage.

After this you can then unscrew the Bulb-Holder and put the cap back on.

The soda water is ready. Press on the lever to dispense.


When the syphon is empty, unscrew the head and remove the syphon-pipe; insert the end of the Bulb-Holder to remove the level limiting tube. Move it around and take the tube out. Rinse out the bottle.

Replace the level-limiting tube. Keep the bottle open when not in use.